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Frank The Elephant

The character of Frank and this story is based on my beautiful children and their abilities to cope with life from completely different aspects. My son Antonio Francisco, Tony for short, is a non-verbal, mildly Autisic child and is reflected in Frank the Elephant. It is fascination to see how his sisters, cousins, other family members, and friends interact with him. He is my oldest and has taught all of us as much as we have taught him.

The two other named characters in this story, Nikki and Sophie, represent his sisters Alex and Jordan. They have two dramatically different approaches when dealing with Tony and it shows in how he reponds to them. All the other animals are representative of many of the children he has interacted with in his life.

These diverse personalities and some of their adventures with Tony will be shared at a later time, so be on the look-out for more stories about some extra special kids!

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